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Bourbon Whisky Chilli BBQ Sauce

by The Chilli Guru on Mar 18, 2022

Bourbon Whisky Chilli BBQ Sauce - One Stop Chilli Shop

Red Pepper - 430g
Tomato - 110g
Garlic - 30g
Onion Powder - 20g
Salt - 10g
Garlic Powder - 20g
Black Pepper - 5g
Cider Vinegar - 100ml
Maple Syrup - 250g
Brown sugar - 250g
Tomato Paste - 200g
Orange Zest - 25g
Lemon Juice - 30g
Whisky -100ml
Vanilla Extract - 5g
Chilli Puree (Choose your heat level) - 50g

The easiest way to make this sauce is using an food processor. If not, you can use a small stick blender or a nutri-bullet style juicer.


Chop all fresh ingredients finely.

Bring all fresh ingredients and liquids (except the whisky) together in a food processor. Alternatively use a stick blender to combine them in a sauce pan. 

Turn on the heat and bring to a slow simmering boil. Slowly add the brown sugar and powders making sure each has disolved before adding the next.

Heat until the mixture reaches 88 deg C and has thickened.

Turn off the heat and cool to 65 deg C. Stir in the whisky slowly.

Sterilise a jar using either boiling water or your oven set to 180 deg C. 

Pack the sauce into the jar. Use within 6 weeks and keep refrigerated.