In 2017, Chilli Mash Company (Our parent) decided to create a retail platform for a wide selection of ethically sourced chilli products.

Roll on to March 2020 when Covid hit and One Stop Chilli Shop literally saved our business by becoming our bread & butter during the lockdowns. When the first lockdown commenced, our manufacturing work dried up overnight, but fortunately, within days, our legendary customers began ordering online and referring us to their friends.

For around 4-5 months, whilst Covid was at its most severe, our team was just 2 or 3 loyal staff members who came in every day and shipped out supplies to people all over the EU.

As business began to boom online we grew in confidence and eventually sold our entire 2020 fresh chilli crop a kilo at a time, which helped counter-balance the lack of manufacturing we were doing for others.

Sadly at the end of 2020 when Article 50 finally became a reality our EU trade died overnight. People (including ourselves) found the bureaucratic paperwork too much to complete on both sides of the channel, which meant that we couldn't effectively serve the EU.

Now, in 2022, with One Stop Chilli Shop taking strides to become bigger, better and more well known, we've invested in a new website. This new platform will offer us better future scalability and most importantly to begin serving the EU again. With financial and mentoring support from the UK Department of International Trade, we will begin serving the EU in April 2022 and the Gulf Reg