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Make Your Own Fermented Sriracha

by The Chilli Guru on Mar 14, 2022

Make Your Own Fermented Sriracha - One Stop Chilli Shop


Fire Flame Chilli - 1kg
Salt - 112g
Fresh Garlic - 160g
Fresh Red Pepper - 160g

Cider Vinegar (Aspall is ideal) - 112g (This is added after 6 week fermentation period)


  1. Choose your fermentation vessel. (We recommend the Kilner kit).
  2. Wash the chillies, red pepper and garlic. It's important to get the weights of each ingredient measured accurately to make sure that the fermentation process works properly.
  3. Blend all the ingredients till smooth and mix in the salt. Add the entire mixture to the fermentation vessel.
  4. We recommend scattering 10g of salt over the surface to prevent discolouration due to oxidisation.
  5. Place the stone weights on top of the mix, screw on the lid, insert and fill the air lock.
  6. In the following few days, you should see bubbles of co2 rising to the surface of the vessel. Over the course of 3-4 weeks (depending on variants such as room temperature) the co2 bubbles will slow down till they appear to stop.
  7. At this point, add the vinegar. You can either cook the entire mix to 88 degrees and bottle or put the mix into your fridge and consume it directly from the fermentation vessel.